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Data Annotation Specialist, Portuguese
San Jose, Costa Rica
Job description

Microsoft Risk, Trust, and Safety Operations (RTS \& AIO) ensures the business ecosystem of processes, organizations and systems effectively enable Microsoft and 3rd Parties to conduct business in a compliant and ethical manner. We incorporate trade compliance requirements for proactive identification and mitigation of risk for compliant growth. We protect Microsoft and enable strategic growth through proactive business engagement, identification, and mitigation of risk.

The Data Annotation Specialist role offers an exciting opportunity to be at the forefront of cutting-edge technology by supporting Large Language and AI Models through data annotation tasks. You'll dive into analyzing diverse media formats, including images, videos, and text content, all while upholding the highest standards of fidelity and consistency. Not only will you drive continuous improvement in processes and guidelines, but you'll also collaborate closely with managers to shape project strategies and foster innovation. With a focus on performance metrics and a commitment to ethics and privacy, you'll play a pivotal role in ensuring the quality and reliability of products and services. This position promises a blend of creativity, problem-solving, and impactful decision-making, making it ideal for those looking to make a difference at the forefront of technology.

This position is 100% onsite only.

What we expect from you
  • To develop a key understanding of guidelines to ensure accurate application to agreed metrics.
  • Go through content, extract information, find patterns in how the models are behaving. Analyze findings, develop, test, and communicate recommendations.
  • Use your linguistic and/or humanities expertise test to impact recommendations of policy and/or filtering changes.
  • Collaborate with team members on day-to-day problem solving, reporting on trends/analysis findings and projects assigned by managers.
  • Data Annotation Specialist may come across offensive and mature material and will be required to work with this type of content to help train our AI models for the protection of Microsoft's customers.
  • Use in-house tools to transcribe and annotate data for various projects. A few examples may be providing transcription (text) for audio clips or annotating text or images to verify certain types of data.
  • Go through content (online and offline), extract information, provide needed information through tools with high accuracy and consistency. Data Annotation Specialists are comfortable understanding data as it relates to :
  • Sentiment: The emotional intonation and other subjective implications behind keywords and phrases.
  • Intent: The human intent, or the user's end goal, behind different statements. Semantic: Understanding exactly what the meaning is behind what users are seeking.
  • Use deductive reasoning based on information provided in contextual turns to ensure data labelling is of the highest quality.