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Flavor Specific U(1)BqLμU(1)_{B_q-L_μ} Gauge Model for Muon g2g-2 and bsμˉμb \to s \bar μμ Anomalies

By Jian-Yong Cen and others
When combining the recent measurement g2g-2 of muon from Fermilab and the previous result from BNL, the deviation from the standard model (SM) prediction increased to 4.2σ\sigma level. This anomaly is a strong hint of new physics which generates extensive theoretical studies of new physics beyond the SM. There are... Show more
April 23, 2021
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Flavor Specific $U(1)_{B_q-L_μ}$ Gauge Model for Muon $g-2$ and $b \to s \bar μμ$ Anomalies
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