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Berry phase effect in anomalous thermoelectric transport

We develop a theory of Berry phase effect in anomalous transport in ferromagnets driven by statistical forces such as the gradient of temperature or chemical potential. Here a charge Hall current arises from the Berry phase correction to the orbital magnetization rather than from the anomalous velocity which does not exist in the absence of a mechanical force. A finite-temperature formula for the orbital magnetization is derived, which enables us to provide an explicit expression for the off-diagonal thermoelectric conductivity, to establish the Mott relation between the anomalous Nernst and Hall effects, and to reaffirm the Onsager relations between reciprocal thermoelectric conductivities. A first-principles evaluation of our expression is carried out for the material CuCr2_2Se4x_{4-x}Brx_x, obtaining quantitative agreement with a recent experiment.
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Updated on June 24, 2006
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