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On the Lambda-cotorsion subgroup of the Selmer group

By Ahmed Matar
Let \(E\) be an elliptic curve defined over a number field \(K\) with supersingular reduction at all primes of \(K\) above \(p\). If \(K_{\infty}/K\) is a \(\mathbb{Z}_p\)-extension such that \(E(K_{\infty})[p^{\infty}]\) is finite and \(H^2(G_S(K_{\infty}), E[p^{\infty}])=0\), then we prove that the \(\Lambda\)-torsion subgroup of the Pontryagin dual of \(\text{Sel}_{p^{\infty}}(E/K_{\infty})\) is pseudo-isomorphic... Show more
October 14, 2019
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