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Atomic parity violation in the economical 3-3-1 model

The deviation \deQW\de Q_{\mathrm{W}} of the weak charge from its standard model prediction due to the mixing of the WW boson with the charged bilepton YY as well as of the ZZ boson with the neutral ZZ' and the real part of the non-Hermitian neutral bilepton XX in the economical 3-3-1 model is established. Additional contributions to the usual \deQW\de Q_\mathrm{W} expression in the extra U(1)\mathrm{U}(1) models and the left-right models are obtained. Our calculations are quite different from previous analyzes in this kind of the 3-3-1 models and give the limit on mass of the ZZ' boson, the ZZZ-Z' and WYW-Y mixing angles with the more appropriate values: MZ>564 GeV,0.018<sin\va<0M_{Z'} > 564\ \mathrm{GeV}, -0.018<\sin \va < 0 and sinθ<0.043|\sin \theta| < 0.043.
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Updated on July 3, 2006
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