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FAUST XIII. Dusty cavity and molecular shock driven by IRS7B in the Corona Australis cluster

The origin of the chemical diversity observed around low-mass protostars probably resides in the earliest history of these systems. We aim to investigate the impact of protostellar feedback on the chemistry and grain growth in the circumstellar medium of multiple stellar systems. In the context of the ALMA Large Program FAUST, we present high-resolution (50 au) observations of CH\(_3\)OH, H\(_2\)CO, and SiO and continuum emission at 1.3 mm and 3 mm towards the Corona Australis star cluster. Methanol emission reveals an arc-like structure at \(\sim\)1800 au from the protostellar system IRS7B along the direction perpendicular to the major axis of the disc. The arc is located at the edge of two elongated continuum structures that define a cone emerging from IRS7B. The region inside the cone is probed by H\(_2\)CO, while the eastern wall of the arc shows bright emission in SiO, a typical shock tracer. Taking into account the association with a previously detected radio jet imaged with JVLA at 6 cm, the molecular arc reveals for the first time a bow shock driven by IRS7B and a two-sided dust cavity opened by the mass-loss process. For each cavity wall, we derive an average H\(_2\) column density of \(\sim\)7\(\times\)10\(^{21}\) cm\(^{-2}\), a mass of \(\sim\)9\(\times\)10\(^{-3}\) M\(_\odot\), and a lower limit on the dust spectral index of \(1.4\). These observations provide the first evidence of a shock and a conical dust cavity opened by the jet driven by IRS7B, with important implications for the chemical enrichment and grain growth in the envelope of Solar System analogues.
Updated on April 2, 2024
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