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Cross section measurement of \(e^+e^-\to ηψ(2S)\) and search for \(e^+e^-\toη\tilde{X}(3872)\)

By Besiii Collaboration and others
The energy-dependent cross section for \(e^+e^-\to \eta\psi(2S)\) is measured at eighteen center of mass energies from 4.288 GeV to 4.951 GeV using the BESIII detector. Using the same data samples, we also perform the first search for the reaction \(e^+e^-\to\eta\tilde{X}(3872)\), but no evidence is found for the \(\tilde{X}(3872)\) in the... Show more
March 25, 2024
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Cross section measurement of $e^+e^-\to ηψ(2S)$ and search for $e^+e^-\toη\tilde{X}(3872)$
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