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On self-associated sets of points in small projective spaces

We study moduli of ``self-associated'' sets of points in Pn{\bf P}^n for small nn. In particular, we show that for n=5n=5 a general such set arises as a hyperplane section of the Lagrangean Grassmanian LG(5,10)P15LG(5,10) \subset {\bf P}^{15} (this was conjectured by Eisenbud-Popescu in {\it Geometry of the Gale transform}, J. Algebra 230); for n=6n=6, a general such set arises as a hyperplane section of the Grassmanian G(2,6)P14G(2,6) \subset {\bf P}^{14}. We also make a conjecture for the next case n=7n=7. Our results are analogues of Mukai's characterization of general canonically embedded curves in P6{\bf P}^6 and P7{\bf P}^7, resp.
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Published on April 24, 2006
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