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Geometric approach to nonlinear coherent states using the Higgs model for harmonic oscillator

In this paper, we investigate the relation between the curvature of the physical space and the deformation function of the deformed oscillator algebra using non-linear coherent states approach. For this purpose, we study two-dimensional harmonic oscillators on the flat surface and on a sphere by applying the Higgs modell. With the use of their algebras, we show that the two-dimensional oscillator algebra on a surface can be considered as a deformed one-dimensional oscillator algebra where the effect of the curvature of the surface is appeared as a deformation function. We also show that the curvature of the physical space plays the role of deformation parameter. Then we construct the associated coherent states on the flat surface and on a sphere and compare their quantum statistical properties, including quadrature squeezing and antibunching effect.
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Updated on April 25, 2006
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