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C3-Alkylation of Furfural Derivatives by Continuous Flow Homogeneous Catalysis

The C3-functionalization of furfural using homogeneous ruthenium catalysts requires the pre-installation of an ortho-directing imine group, as well as high temperatures, which did not allow scaling up, at least under batch conditions. In order to design a safer process, we set out to develop a continuous flow process specifically for the C3-alkylation of furfural (Murai reaction). The transposition of a batch process to a continuous flow process is often costly in terms of time and reagents. Therefore, we chose to proceed in two steps: the reaction conditions were first optimized using a laboratory-built pulsed-flow system to save reagents. The optimized conditions in this pulsed-flow mode were then successfully transferred to a continuous flow reactor. In addition, the versatility of this continuous flow device allowed both steps of the reaction to be carried out, namely the formation of the imine directing group and the C3-functionalization with some vinylsilanes and norbonene.
Published on February 10, 2023
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