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Light isovector resonances in \(π^- p \to π^-π^-π^+ p\) at 190 GeV/\({\it c}\)

By Mher Aghasyan and others
We have performed the most comprehensive resonance-model fit of \(\pi^-\pi^-\pi^+\) states using the results of our previously published partial-wave analysis (PWA) of a large data set of diffractive-dissociation events from the reaction \(\pi^- + p \to \pi^-\pi^-\pi^+ + p_\text{recoil}\) with a 190 GeV/\(c\) pion beam. The PWA results, which were... Show more
October 26, 2018
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Light isovector resonances in $π^- p \to π^-π^-π^+ p$ at 190 GeV/${\it c}$
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