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Pseudoscalar production at omega omega threshold in J/psi -> gamma omega omega

The decay channel J/\psi->gamma omega omega, omega -> pi+ pi- pi0 is analyzed using a sample of 5.8x10^7 J/psi events collected with the BESII detector. The omega omega invariant mass distribution peaks at 1.76 GeV/c^2, just above the omega omega threshold. Analysis of angular correlations indicate that the omega omega system below 2 GeV/c^2 is predominantly pseudoscalar. A partial wave analysis confirms the predominant pseudoscalar structure, together with small 0^{++} and 2^{++} contributions, and yields a pseudoscalar mass M = 1744 \pm 10 (stat) \pm 15 (syst) MeV/c^2, a width Gamma = 244^{+24}_{-21} (stat) \pm 25 (syst) MeV/c^2, and a product branching fraction Br(J/psi-> gamma eta(1760)) \cdot Br(\eta(1760)->omega omega) = (1.98 \pm 0.08 (stat) \pm 0.32 (syst)) x 10^{-3}.
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Updated on April 26, 2006
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