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Measurement of the Bs0B^{0}_{s} Lifetime Using Semileptonic Decays

We report a measurement of the Bs0B^0_{s} lifetime in the semileptonic decay channel Bs0Dsμ+νXB^0_{s}\to D^-_s \mu^{+}\nu X (and its charge conjugate), using approximately 0.4 fb1^{-1} of data collected with the D0 detector during 2002 -- 2004. We have reconstructed 5176 Dsμ+D^-_s \mu^{+} signal events, where the DsD_s^- is identified via the decay DsϕπD_s^-\to \phi\pi^-, followed by ϕK+K\phi\to K^+ K^-. Using these events, we have measured the Bs0B^0_s lifetime to be τ(Bs0)=1.398±0.044\tau(B^0_{s}) = 1.398 \pm 0.044 (stat)0.025+0.028({stat}) ^{+0.028}_{-0.025} (syst)ps({syst}) {ps}. This is the most precise measurement of the Bs0B_s^0 lifetime to date.
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Updated on December 3, 2006
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