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Design and Implementation of Curriculum System Based on Knowledge Graph

With the fact that the knowledge in each field in university is keeping increasing, the number of university courses is becoming larger, and the content and curriculum system is becoming much more complicated than it used to be, which bring many inconveniences to the course arrangement and analysis. In this paper, we aim to construct a method to visualize all courses based on Google Knowledge Graph. By analysing the properties of the courses and their preceding requirements, we want to extract the relationship between the precursors and the successors, so as to build the knowledge graph of the curriculum system. Using the graph database Neo4j [7] as the core aspect for data storage and display for our new curriculum system will be our approach to implement our knowledge graph. Based on this graph, the venation relationship between courses can be clearly analysed, and some difficult information can be obtained, which can help to combine the outline of courses and the need to quickly query the venation information of courses.
Published on December 23, 2020
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