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Synaptic plasticity of Inhibitory synapse promote synchrony in inhibitory network in presence of heterogeneity and noise

Recently spike timing dependent plasticity was observed in inhibitory synapse in the layer II of entorhinal cortex. The rule provides an interesting zero in the region of Δt=tposttpre=0\Delta t=t_{post}-t_{pre}=0 and in addition the dynamic range of the rule lie in gamma frequency band. We propose a robust mechanism based on this observed synaptic plasticity rule for inhibitory synapses for two mutually coupled interneurons to phase lock in synchrony in the presence of intrisic heterogeneity in firing. We study the stability of the phase locked solution by defining a map for spike times dependent on the phase response curve for the coupled neurons. Finally we present results on robustness of synchronization in the presence of noise.
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Published on April 24, 2006
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