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Optimizing Force Fields with Experimental Data Using Ensemble Reweighting and Potential Contrasting

Despite force field improvements over the past decades, we still encounter situations where simulation results disagree with experiments due to force field inaccuracies. Such situations provide opportunities to improve force fields. In this study, we introduce a novel framework for optimizing force fields using experimental data. The unique feature of this framework is that it aims to optimize force fields to match experiments while minimizing the perturbation made to the original force field. To achieve this, we combine ensemble reweighting techniques with the potential contrasting method. Ensemble reweighting is used to reweight an ensemble of conformations generated using an existing force field to match experimental data while minimizing the perturbation to the original ensemble. Potential contrasting is then utilized to optimize force field parameters to reproduce the reweighted ensemble. We demonstrate the framework's effectiveness by optimizing a coarse-grained force field for intrinsically disordered proteins using experimental radius of gyration data.
Published on April 2, 2024
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