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Constraints on the ΛΛ-neutron interaction from charge symmetry breaking in the Λ4He\mathbf{^4_Λ\rm \bf He}--Λ4H\mathbf{^4_Λ\rm \bf H} hypernuclei

By Johann Haidenbauer and others
We utilize the experimentally known difference of the Λ\Lambda separation energies of the mirror hypernuclei Λ4He{^4_\Lambda \rm He} and Λ4H{^4_\Lambda \rm H} to constrain the Λ\Lambda-neutron interaction. We include the leading charge-symmetry breaking (CSB) interaction into our hyperon-nucleon interaction derived within chiral effective field theory at next-to-leading order. In particular,... Show more
July 2, 2021
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Constraints on the $Λ$-neutron interaction from charge symmetry breaking in the $\mathbf{^4_Λ\rm \bf He}$--$\mathbf{^4_Λ\rm \bf H}$ hypernuclei
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