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Measurements of high-pT neutral mesons in sNN\sqrt{s_{NN}} = 200 GeV Au+Au and Cu+Cu Collisions at RHIC-PHENIX

Measurements from the RHIC experiments show strong suppression of high-pT hadrons in central Au+Au collisions. The PHENIX experiment has observed strong suppression of π0\pi^0 and charged hadron yields in central Au+Au collisions for pT > 5 GeV/c regardless of pT and particle species. The observed suppression is interpreted in terms of energy loss of quarks in a high-density medium. The PHENIX Year-4 Au+Au measurements have extended the pT reach of the π0\pi^0 spectra to 20 GeV/c. And the PHENIX Year-5 Cu+Cu measurements performed for the study of particle production in a lighter system and they can provide the system-size dependence of the suppression. The suppression patterns of π0\pi^0/η\eta at high pT are presented for each collision system (Au+Au/Cu+Cu).
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Published on April 24, 2006
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